Pro Ticino

Pro Ticino is an association founded in 1915 in Bern with the aim of fostering friendship and support among Ticinesi living outside the canton, supporting the promotion of Swiss-Italian language and culture, and making the canton of Ticino and its values known outside the cantonal borders.


The Pro Ticino is led by a Central Committee and consists of 25 Swiss sections and 14 foreign sections. Some sections have subsections (choirs) and all sections are active in promoting cultural, economic and gastronomic activities.

The association's activities are financed by the canton of Ticino through the Swisslos lottery fund on the basis of a performance agreement, by section fees, subscriptions to the magazine 'Ticino', sponsorship and donations.


The Sections carry out their activities independently. The Central Committee organizes one Delegates' Assembly per year and usually two Presidents' Councils, which are called upon to vote on the Association's budgets and final accounts.

Pro Ticino's main tasks include support for the Italian language schools organized by the sections, the publication of the magazine, which is published every two months and reports on the chronicles of the various sections, as well as articles on topics related to Swiss-Italian language and culture, and support for the choirs, for example by organizing a general meeting. The members of the central committee work to strengthen contacts with our home canton: authorities, associations, Ticino tourism. The sections, on the other hand, operate on the field and promote activities aimed at young people, organize cultural and recreational events and foster activities and exchanges with other Italian-speaking societies.


Pro Ticino supports the projects carried out in the sections, such as cultural events, book presentations, and the organization of conferences. It also follows current events in order to express its opinion on linguistic policies, in particular the promotion of the Italian language and policies related to Ticino residents abroad.


The association's activity is managed solely on the basis of members' voluntary work and relies on regular support from the Canton of Ticino in various areas.